February 19, 2020


The Board of Trustees of School District No. 58, Bingham County, Idaho met for a Regular Board Meeting Session at 4:30 p.m. on February 19th, 2020 at the Aberdeen School District Office, 318 W. Washington, Aberdeen, Idaho.



Chairman Todd Lowder opened the regular meeting at 4:35 p.m.  Other Board members present were Elaine Blik, Mike Shackelford, Sherrie Mauroner and David Wahlen.  A quorum was established.   



At 4:36 p.m., a motion was made by Trustee Blik that the Board of Trustees of School District No. 58 recess from an open meeting into executive session pursuant to Section 67-2345, Idaho Code, in order to discuss Section 67-2345: Subsection b (Consideration of personnel issues) and that following the executive session the Board will reconvene in public session for the purpose of conducting further business or for adjournment of the meeting.


A roll call vote was held with the following results:

Elaine Blik – Yes; Sherrie Mauroner – Yes; Todd Lowder – Yes; David Wahlen – Yes; and Mike Shackelford – Yes. The motion passed.

The Regular session reconvened at 5:40 p.m.


A motion was made by Trustee Blik and seconded by Trustee Mauroner to approve the Administrators’ contracts for the 2020-2021 school year.  The motion passed.



Those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.



Superintendent Ward discussed her written report.  The majority of her time this month has been on legislative issues.   Some of the main topics discussed include house bill 347 & 393.  Both of these bills will limit school election dates.  The governor is proposing increasing the salary schedule for veteran teachers, while the legislators are indicating they would rather provide more operational and discretionary funds.  She would like to encourage all our patrons to vote on March 10th for the supplemental levy.  These funds are needed to pay our classified employees and pay for a new boiler at the old high school gym.  The YourFit Expo will be held on March 9th at 6:00 pm in the high school gym.  Students & parents are invited to attend.  She provided a handout of the Moody’s Investors Service annual comment on Aberdeen School District for the Board to review.  There was a fire in one of the auditorium heating units that will need to be replaced.  The school district and insurance provider Moreton & Company is working on replacing the heating unit.

Travis Pincock discussed his written report.  He highlighted that the seniors are working on their senior projects.  Mrs. Krehbiel has done an excellent job again this year and some of the projects have been great.  Anajelli Rosales raised over $1,400 and the elementary school raised over $1,000 for the Leukemia foundation.  He appreciates the students who find a way to give back and Parent/Teacher conference will be held on April 16th.



Ann Mennear was absent but provided a written report.  Written reports are available for review in the 2019-2020 Board Meeting Attachments binder at the district office.  Erin Johnson reported on the middle school and announced that Sherri Yancey received a $1,500 grant from INL for the Yellowstone fieldtrip at the end of the year.  She thanked Superintendent Ward for being able to take five middle school girls on February 21st to the INL fieldtrip in Idaho Falls.

Robi Jo Colton went over her written report.  For curriculum adoption, the elementary school teachers voted on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Dimensions.  The middle school and high school science teachers would like McGraw Hill: Inspire.  If the Board agrees to the teacher choices, there will be a science curriculum open house from February 20th through March 17th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in each school library.

David Vaughn discussed his written report.  All ELL students are being tested in grades 1-12 who were not proficient in previous exams as well as all ELL Kindergarten students.  He would like to thank Kim Leland, Steffani Rasmussen and Alma Medel for all the help they have given with testing.  The students having Chromebooks has helped tremendously with the testing this year.  He added that Page Anderson is helping at the high school. 



There were changes made to the agenda under Consent Items –Actions 9F to add out of state and overnight trip requests – high school state cheer in Nampa, ID 3/19-3/20, BPA-state competition, Boise, ID 3/12-3/14, College & Career-Western Wyoming College, Rock Springs, WY 3/4-3/5 and state FFA-Twin Falls, ID 4/1-4/4.  Under Business Items – Actions 10C Tim Satterfield was added as a January 2020 new hire.  Under Business Items – Discussion 11B the overnight/out of state trip request form was added.


A motion was made by Trustee Shackelford and seconded by Trustee Mauroner to approve the agenda as amended.  The motion passed.



The following consent items were presented:

Approval of January 15th Regular Meeting Minutes

Approval of January 2020 Claims

County Tax Report-January 2020

January 2020 Financial Report

Building Budget Reports

Out of State/Overnight Trip Requests

High School – State Cheer, Nampa ID, 3/19 -3/20, BPA – State Competition, Boise, ID 3/12-3/14, College & Career – Western Wyoming College, Rock Springs, WY 3/4-3/5, State FFA – Twin Falls, ID 4/1-4/4

A motion was made by Trustee Shackelford and seconded by Trustee Mauroner to approve Consent Items A-F as presented.  The motion passed.



Board Policies for Approval- 444 Employment Contracts with Certificated Employees

A motion was made by Trustee Shackelford and seconded by Trustee Mauroner to approve board policy 444 – employment contracts with certificated employees.  The motion passed.


Approve FY 2020-21 School Calendar

A motion was made by Trustee Wahlen and seconded by Trustee Shackelford to table approving the FY 2020-21 school calendar.  The motion passed.  A work session was scheduled to discuss the 2020-21 school calendar on March 11th at 3:00 pm.


Approve January2020 Hires

A motion was made by Trustee Shackelford and seconded by Trustee Mauroner to approve the January 2020 new hires.  The motion passed.


Approve Bid for Boiler System in the Old High School

A motion was made by Trustee Shackelford and seconded by Trustee Blik to approve the bid from Rocky Mountain Boiler, Inc. for $181,400 contingent on the supplemental levy passing on Tuesday, March 10th 2020.  The motion passed.


Approve Emergency School Closures Due to Blowing and Drifting Snow on 1/17/20 and 2/3/20

A motion was made by Trustee Mauroner and seconded by Trustee Blik to approve the emergency school closures due to blowing and drifting snow on 1/17/20 and 2/3/20.  The motion passed.



Board Policies for February Review, March Approval

518 – Restraint and Seclusion, 543 – Student Suspension, 544 – Student Expulsion/Denial of Enrollment, 545 – Disciplining Students with Disabilities (IDEA), 548 – Theft or Destruction of School Property, 549 – Prohibition of Gang Activities, 552 – Hazing Prohibition, 679 – Religion in Schools, 679.50 – Homeless Student Education, 679.50F1 – Homeless Student Education – Notification of Enrollment Decision Form, 679.50F2 – Homeless/Unaccompanied Youth Student Education – Appeal of Enrollment Decision Form, 681 – Student Records, 681F1 – Student Records: FERPA Annual Notice of Rights, 699 – Technology Instruction and Determining Average Daily Attendance (ADA), 840 – Payroll Deductions


For review only, no motion is necessary.


Overnight/Out of State Trip Request Form

For discussion only, no motion is necessary.



Trustee Mauroner enjoyed athletics this winter season.  It is nice to see people cheering at the games.  She appreciates the teacher and administrators for the work they do.

Trustee Wahlen agreed with Trustee Mauroner.  The boys’ and girls’ teams competed hard.  He enjoyed the middle school basketball games and meeting with the administrators.  Good things are happening in the schools.

Trustee Shackelford encouraged the tax payers to vote yes on the levy.  The funds are used wisely for the school district.

Trustee Blik echoed Trustee Shackelford about the importance of passing the supplemental levy.  The school district needs the levy.  It is not an option.  She would like everyone to talk to their friends and neighbors to pass the levy.  She enjoyed visiting with the administrators and said it sounds like the schools are a happy place to work and employees enjoy their jobs.

Trustee Lowder appreciates living in Aberdeen and the good people that live here.  He went to Amber Tilley’s speech class in the high school and watched the students do mock interviews.  He visited with the students and they seemed to have a positive attitude and discussed the importance of family.



A motion was made by Trustee Mauroner and seconded by Trustee Shackelford to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 6:42 pm.


Clerk:                                                                          Approved by Board of Trustees: