The board of trustees believes that this school district should provide the finest administrative, instructional and operating staffs, and the finest physical facilities it can obtain with the limitations of the community’s ability and willingness to furnish financial support.

The board believes that is it is the responsibility of the schools to provide learning opportunities for all children of school age in the community, and for adult members of the community when such opportunities are desired by a reasonable number of persons.

The board believes that, so far as is administratively and economically feasible, each student should be treated as an individual with his or her own particular capabilities, aptitudes, and personality. The student should be an active participant in the learning process, and not simply a passive observer of knowledge. He or she should learn where to look for and how otherwise to acquire information.

It is the function of the educational process to provide each student with opportunities for obtaining the knowledge, experience, and skills which careful study indicates will best prepare him or her to assume a position in the competitive adult society and will permit him or her to make his or her greatest individual positive contribution to society and to himself. For some students, this will mean thorough preparation for further formal education. For others, it will mean basic general information plus the attainment of certain vocational skills and experience.

The board believes each student, regardless of whether he or she chooses a vocation or further formal education, should have satisfactorily completed a basic course of study as outlined in the current board policy before being awarded a high school diploma.