Aberdeen School District Counseling and Guidance Program

Welcome to the Aberdeen School District (ASD) Counseling web page and thank you for taking an interest in your child’s school counseling program. ASD has a full-time school counseling and guidance program, providing classroom guidance lessons, small student groups, short-term individual counseling and crisis intervention, as well as consultation for parents and teachers. The focus of ASD’s counseling and guidance program is prevention; fostering the positive social and emotional development and academic success of all K-12 students.

By simply clicking on the links on this page, you will find information about the services provided to K-12 students. If you have questions that are not answered on these pages, click on our name to send an email or you can call us at the number listed:

Elementary/Middle School Counselor             Neal Cassell, M.S.               (397.5028)

High School/Middle School Counselor            Debbie Ellis, M. Coun        (397.5042)

Resource Links

1.    Idaho Comprehensive School Counseling Model

2.   What Do Counselors Do

3.   Meet Your Counselors *

4.   Red Ribbon Activities

5.   Teasing and Bullying

6.  Individual Counseling

7.  Small Group Counseling

8.  Classroom Guidance *

9.   Privacy and Confidentiality in School Counseling

10.  Downloadable Consent Forms

11.  High School Financial Aid

12.  High School Scholarships

13.  MS/HS Program of Studies

14.  Career Pipeline

15.  MS/HS Timeline

16.  Links for Additional Resources

a. How to Access Power School

17.  District Bullying Prevention Strategies *

18.  Outside Counseling Services

*This page is continually changed, be sure to check back for any changes or updates.