The January 18th, 2017 and February 15th, 2017 School Board meeting times were changed to 5:30 p.m.

Elementary NAEP 2013 Parent/Guardian Notification Letter: English Spanish

Middle School NAEP 2013 Parent/Guardian Notification Letter: English Spanish

Parent Surveys: Kindergarten  1st/2nd Grade   3rd/4th/5th Grade   Middle/Highschool

Position Openings: Substitute Teacher(s), Teacher Aides, Bus Aide, Bus Drivers (Sub’s) 

Parents have the Right to Receive Teacher Information from the school district regarding the professional qualification of their children’s classroom teachers. 

Parent communication and involvement are very important in a Title I school. As a parent in a Title I school, the law specifies that you have a right to be involved in school planning. Read our Parental Involvement Policy and provide us with your input. ( Parent Invovlement Policy in Spanish )